Thursday, February 28, 2013

A walking cliche.

When did it come to this?

If I'm not working  -- or not writing ---- I feel guilty.  Guilty.

For god's sake, give myself a break, he said. 


Maybe it's inevitable that old white guys become cranks.  It's experience after all.

But do we have to become conservative cranks?  I hope not.  Not so far.

Woodward is the latest example of someone who you can see has been so swallowed by his ego that when he is challenged, he goes running to the safety of the conservative media, who will treat him like a star.  Hannity?   Really?


My Facebook is interesting -- most of my old high school classmates seem to be on the conservative side, most of my young comic store followers on the liberal side.  Guess who's going to have more clout in the future?


Got a cold, and so I've not gotten anything done for a couple days.  Tried working yesterday and I was twirling and not hearing and standing stumped and nothing penetrated and two plus two was -------------------four.  (Got the right answer, just took forever to get there.)

So I went home.


I tell you, I'm a walking cliche.

Stayed away from the internet for years -- don't need it, don't have time for it.

Once I was introduced to blogging, well you guessed it, I've written every day for 6 and a half years or so.

Facebook.  Don't need and don't have time for it.

Once I was introduced to Facebook, guess who's checking it every ten minutes?

Social media is perfect for me, the loner who likes to have contact with just a smidgeon of commitment.

I often tell people at the store "I don't do video games -- online games."   But it isn't because I don't think I'll like it.  I suspect, actually, I'd like it a lot.  Best not to try that cocaine for the first time...


Anonymous said...

The problem with old guys is they don't surround themselves with, or remain open to, dissenting opinions. They "rid the room of argument" as Bono -- yes, Bono -- once said of his dad and other male family members in a terrific Rolling Stone interview a few years ago in which he explained how and why U2 is such a democratic band. I think too many of them instead listen to their dumb little paranoid inner voice rather than the smarter, more lucid people around them.

And old guys are so self-centered they can have trouble listening -- but that could be their hearing going on them.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, I think working at my store where the majority of people are younger, considerably younger, and talking to them has helped.

I realize when I say something when I'm being a fuddy duddy -- it becomes pretty clear from their reactions.

Jack said...

I don't know, Dunc. While I haven't known former Bend mayor Bob Woodward for very long, he just doesn't seem like the kind of fellow that would ever run to the conservative press for safety.

Oh, wait.