Sunday, February 24, 2013

I might have clogged the Internet.

I finished formatting DEVILTREE.  It was interesting.  It has some good things and some not so good things, but Linda is going through it right now, so I'm thinking I'll give it a bit of rewrite.  When I finished this years ago, I never wanted to look at it again.

I guess enough time has passed.

Now I've started playing around with SOMETIMES A DRAGON.

When I first started thinking about an online book, my first instinct was to go with this book which I so much enjoyed writing.  But I knew it had some structural problems -- a little too dense and passive in the first third, and little too light in the middle third, and so on.  Maybe an attempt at a little too much "style."  It was a kind gothic and arch ("Dear Reader") style.   (By the way, I still REALLY like that style -- but it's clear no one else does...)

Anyway, the guy who was going to help me, totally rejected it.

So I set it aside, disheartened, and started something new -- NEARLY HUMAN.

Now, two years later, I decided to see what I can do with it.  As it happens, Linda had rewritten the first 50 pages or so, and I started looking at that.  The earlier rejection now seems -- well, routine.  I just think he expected too much of me,  but this really isn't that far off my actual writing ability. 

I think Linda cut through the Gordian Knot pretty well.  But it became clear that it was in her words and her style not mine. But then -- it started to get interesting to me.  What could I do with that?

Turns out, it is kind of fun.  I take her words and scenario and play around with it, saving some, changing some, but trying to keep the spirit of what she was doing.  I think I get what she was doing, and I like it.  We were courting when  I was writing it, and she had quite a bit to do with some of the earlier passages. 

She's taken the kind of dry writing (Jack Vance, style, I like the think) and enlivened it, freshened it up.

So I think I'm going to go ahead and push on through with this rewrite, which probably won't take all that long.

Which pushes me into crazy prolific territory.  Ridiculously prolific.

Let's see.



Plus the two books I've given up on, BLOODSTONE and CHANGLINGS. I've found the first third of about three other novels in my explorations of old boxes.

Maybe I should quit talking about it.

Stupidly for me, career wise, none of these books are connected, except SNOWCASTLES and ICETOWERS.

I'm thinking -- get them all done and then decide what to do.  Which book to put out first, whether to roll it out, whether to just dump them on the market, whether to talk about them or try to get other people to talk about them.  All of that.

God help the world if I hadn't been busy doing other things the last 30 years.  I might have clogged the Internet.


Duncan McGeary said...

I've come to realize the style I was writing in was more fun to write than to read.

Duncan McGeary said...

This wasn't meant as a humblebrag. More of a shaking my head, boy -- I can't be any good if I'm writing so much, and -- boy -- that ain't writing that's typing.

But it's also energizing to just let loose...