Friday, September 4, 2015

The Brazilian and the World Cup.

An old customer of mine who I hadn't seen in awhile came in looking for a book and said he was leaving the country.

I mentioned that I'd written a book, ahem, and showed him Led to the Slaughter.

He did the usual, "...hmmm, interesting..." as in Not.

As we're talking a young woman comes in and fixes eyes with me, and moves between us and says, "Are you Duncan?  I've driven here to get a signed copy of your book, which I loved."

"Well thank you!" I say.

"I wanted to tell you that my Brazilian cousin was so hooked by your book that he was reading it during the World Cup!  I'm sending him a copy as a gift."

"Wow," says my friend. "A Brazilian and the World Cup!" He picks up a copy of the book and places it on top of his pile.  "I've always loved the Donner Party," he says.

Sold out of my copies of Led to the Slaughter at the store.  I'm going to have to use my personal copies until I can get some more.  Such troubles...

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