Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So it begins.

Started the final rewrite of Blood of the Succubus, today.

Intended to do 20 pages a day, which seemed like a lot since I managed to only do 15 pages a day of Tuskers III.

First day -- 45 pages, and probably could have done more. Just not that many problems. Has been gone over already, pretty much. So that's encouraging. Will even give me a chance to keep dipping into it if I have a few extra days.

Also not adding as many words as I expected. So I may end up writing a chapter I've been thinking about doing, especially since I seem to have the time.

So when I say, not that many problems, I mean the book flows well. I think it's a good solid story.

But in rewriting, I always lose a little faith in my writing. I mean, it's easier to keep the illusion of a sparkling book if you don't look at it too closely.  So...

I drank some wine the other night and fashioned all kinds of grandiose ways to make the book better, but in the cold light of day, most of them just aren't going to happen.  I'm not sure if it is gilding the lily or polishing a turd. But the book is what the book is and mostly it can be improved by a little careful craftsmanship, but its basic content is what it is.

I'm getting better at it, slowly but surely. I just need to keep working at it.

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