Monday, September 7, 2015

80% rule in writing.

80% of a book's existence is the writing.

20% is everything else: the beta readers, the editing, the dealing with publishers/agents, the book covers, the formatting, the getting up online, the garnering reviews, the publicizing.

That last 20% is responsible for 80% of the problems, the hassles, the stress, the delays.

Up to that point, every decision is in your own hands. You can make snap decisions. If something needs to be done, you can do it.

Suddenly, you're dependent on others, and shit happens.  I mean, sometimes it goes smoothly, but usually there are hiccups, delays, misunderstandings and occasional disagreements.

(Note to Publishers -- you've been great, it's just that it's not all in my hands.)

I could of course just throw my book up online without most of those things. It's possible that might work out -- but pretty improbable.

As you can tell, I love the 80% rule.  It works for just about anything.

I think it's 80% right.

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