Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A day off.

A day off from writing.

Oh, no! What's going to happen?

After working hard and heavy for 5 days on the rewrite of Blood of the Succubus, I finagled a day off tomorrow. (Since I worked the weekend.) I thought it would give me an extra day to finish the rewrite, but I sort of collapsed today and didn't do much of anything.

Stocked up on some goodies, donuts and jerky and wine and chips for the next six days, when I will finish the book once and for all.  Linda is going to see the boys in Portland on Thursday through the weekend so I'm going to just hunker down and concentrate.

She's probably return to my bloated body, covered with donut and potatoe chip crumbs, the computer still open to the last page.

"The End."

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