Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flashback city.

I chose a story element for The Blood of the Succubus that probably isn't going to go well with some readers.  I kind of wish I had come up with a different solution, but it's too late now. The "element" will take some convincing since it is so outlandish. The emotional response by the characters has to be believable. So I've been rewriting these chapters a lot.

I have 3 threads, more or less. The first thread is the original plot. The second thread is the introduction of another character, who is a good guy separate from the first characters. The third thread is the Succubae themselves.

In the first draft it was 50/30/20.

The addition of new chapters is going to make it more like 40/30/30, more equal in weight.  I'm hoping the story can maintain it's cohesion.  The main thread still has to carry the forward momentum, since so much of the other parts of the book are flashbacks. I'm thinking it will turn out 60% current, 40% flashback.

That's a heavy use of flashback, but I think I can make them interesting enough and pertinent enough to the story to not be too distracting.

I hope.

I may not know until I've finished the book.  If it doesn't work, I'll pare back the flashback chapters and have a shorter book again.

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