Saturday, September 5, 2015

Carry on, my man, carry on.

I was in an emotionally volatile mood yesterday and I don't know why.  If I had been drinking I would pin it on that.

Got into a fight with Linda over her watching a game show during the day, cut my ties with the CBIA, and had loud animated phone calls with Matt and Cameron where Linda poked her head in and wondered what I was doing. (Harmless, I was just being animated.)

I also wrote one of the best chapters I've ever written.

I felt those weird tingles all over my body that I get when something is really affecting me --  and Linda teared up.  It was all done without being wordy, in fact by being somewhat oblique.

I think I'm getting better as a writer, some of it by getting feedback, but most of it by simply writing so much.

Carry on, my man, carry on.

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