Monday, October 21, 2013

Walking Dead questions.

Walking Dead is really good this year.  They've hit that Star Trek N.G./X-Files 4th year groove, where they know just what to do.  The beginning of last night's episode gave me chills.

But I can't help but have some questions.

1.)  Security.

A.) Overall security.  Are you telling me they don't have perimeter patrols?  Apparently Glenn and his girl in the tower are bopping all night and can't see the 'rat feeder.'  It seems strange to me that they don't have more security.  Even inside.  This is the Zombie apocalypse, after all.  Having each of the residents spend 1 or 2 nights a month patrolling the inner and the outer perimeters would seem to be a minimum.

B.) Personal security.  Again, Zombie apocalypse?  I would have a weapon at all times -- I'd have a weapon next to me in bed, when I go to the bathroom, I'd have hold of my weapon in the shower.   (no, not that weapon...).   And while I was at it, I'd have my door closed and locked at night.  Just because.  Hell I'd do that if there weren't no Zombie apocalypse.

Speaking of weapons, I think I'd fashion myself a little rapier type blade, not too long, not too short.  One that has a very sharp end and could be used to stab quickly in tight quarters.  (Not a samurai sword that is too long to draw when they're already on top of you, like Michonne last night.)

2.)  Where are they getting all the stuff?

It's been several months, but they have really cleaned up the place.  But where did all the stuff come from?  In previous seasons, they were having a hard time finding anything at all -- now they seem to have all the food, ammunition and medicine they need.  But they never show any foraging parties.

Hell, they should all be farmers, not just Rick.

3.)  The fences.  Like I said, should have patrols.  I also don't buy that they can't just burn the bodies of the dead zombies so they don't pile up.

4.)  What do they do all day?  Just wondering.  But really, what do they do all day?

None of these are deal breakers -- I think I'm only noticing them because the rest of the show is so good.

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Kevin said...

In response:

1a & 1b: I too think they are lax in security. Were I on the council, I would insist that there be patrols along the fences and more at night. Surely they could find a few pair of night vision goggles to use. After all, the Governor is still out there and you have no idea what other groups of survivors may be scavenging about.
Also, everyone should be armed. Carol is obviously thinking correctly in teaching the kids how to use knives. And yeah, if I were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse holed up in a prison, I would be shutting the cell door at night just in case. I would have a night watchman on patrol inside as well. If everyone is infected, you don't know when some old coot is going to have a heart attack and come up a biter.
They just got too comfortable in there and it literally bit them in the ass.

2a. They do have foraging parties and talk about it in the season premiere. That was why they were at the Big Spot after all. I last nights episode, Michonne was asking Rick and Carl if they wanted her to look for anything specific (Rick likes stale m&ms). I assume with the time jump from last season to this, they found good places like the Big Spot that were good for foraging and managed to stock up.

3. The fences are a great defense but it is non-sensical to me to have a few people stabbing zombies in the head through the chainlink. If you want to clear them from the fence and keep them from getting too crowded and pushing on the fence...why have people getting so close and attracting them? All the zombies see is food, not survivors killing their undead brethren. If they could lead them away with the pigs, they could easily use the truck and someone in the back hollering to lead them far enough away to give time to fortify the fences.

4. I dunno. I would be fortifying everything, foraging, and clearing walkers from the fences. Darryl hunts, Rick farms, Carol tells stories and teaches knife skills 101, Herschel is Yoda. As for the rest of them...who knows.