Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The world isn't short of books.

Started reading my backlog of New York Times Book Reviews.  Probably have a couple years worth.

But reading them this way really points up the patterns -- certain types of books succeed, and most do not.  In fact, most of the books reviewed aren't best-sellers.

It is really intimidating to read this magazine -- the sheer number of reviewed and advertised books alone is enough to give one pause. 

They all seem so talented, so deep, so intelligent....

What am I doing writing my little stories?  Who cares?  Why read my book instead of another? 

The world isn't short of books -- good books. 

It's important to recognize that -- to put my efforts into perspective.  It is both discouraging and explanatory.  Against such a tidal wave of books, my own efforts are tiny little things.

The type of "supernatural" books that are being written and published bear little resemblance to what I've been writing.  The covers are almost exclusively hot girls in tight leathers...

 -- whatever.

So I'll just keep writing my little stories and putting them online and not expecting anyone to read them...

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