Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Finishing another book.

I'm finishing a new book:  Spell Realm.  Somewhat surprised to see that title has never been used.

Anyway, I got through about 5/6th of the book and then lost faith in it.  I've been eking out a couple of paragraphs a day since then.

I'm thinking that all these fantasies I'm writing all have similar themes and I ought to just make them all one world.  It will require some rewriting, but it isn't beyond my ability.

Spell Realm is probably the first book of a trilogy that ends with Sometimes a Dragon.  It will require that I rewrite SAD.

Meanwhile, I've started thinking of a new book which might be the middle book, or it might be the first book in another trilogy.

Meanwhile, I think my Lore books can be turned into Spell Realm books.

I think what all this requires is a bunch of planning -- mapping it all out on a timeline, making everything consistent.

Anyway, I read another 4 chapters of Spell Realm at writer's group last night, and it felt pretty good.  It felt smooth.  So I just need to push through to the end of the book in my next writing session, and then start drawing graphs and thinking it all through before I start anything else.

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