Thursday, October 3, 2013

Until the digital bits defuse.

Even though I've had Death of an Immortal up for sale for a long time now, I went ahead and paid my editor, Lara, to give it a editing sweep.

No real changes in substance -- but just cleaning up the language and such.

I'll resubmit it next week.  Like I said, it's the same book -- just cleaned up.

Hey, this book will be forever online -- until the digital bits defuse -- and I want it to be as good as it can be.  She already edited the second book, Rule of Vampire, and she'll be editing the third book, Blood of Gold, as soon as it reaches her in line.

She's doing a quick review of Led to the Slaughter since I rewrote the first 30 pages (based on a suggestion by a professional) and added several thousand words of historical detail.

Then she is going to tackle Linda's book: Telling Tree.  Linda is a excited and a little nervous about it, but I've been trying to tell her that some clean editing is a blessing.  No matter how you try, you are going to miss things.  A competent third party can catch lots of stuff.

Linda has more problems with grammar and spelling than I do -- I generally get most of it right.  But she is a wildly creative storyteller, so I'm encouraging her to let herself be edited.  When Lara is done, I'm going to take a swipe at it too, though I have to be very careful not to discourage Linda.  She's well on the way to finishing the second book, Once on a Blue Moon.  She has the cover of the Telling Tree ready, so all she needs to do is finish up the editing process.

I've been working on a fantasy, Spell Realm -- that isn't coming easily.  That's all right.  I probably needed to slow down.  I'm struggling with it.  It turns out to be the first book of a trilogy, of which the already finished book, Sometimes a Dragon is the third book.  But I will have to completely rewrite Sometimes a Dragon to fit what I've done in the first book.  (And no doubt the second book, too.)

Just sort of settling in to the long haul.

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