Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stepping back.

I haven't written anything for about 3 weeks now,  which is the longest hiatus in the last year & half or so.  Discouraged, yes.  Thinking about what I'm doing.  Trying to decide my next step.

I'm still a few chapters from finishing Spell Realm, and I've just been hoping for inspiration.  But the longer I go without writing, the less inspiration I have.  I'll probably just try to finish it this weekend -- which is the same thing I told myself the last 3 weekends.

The re-edited version of Death of an Immortal is now up on both Smashwords and Amazon.  Just small editing changes and such, nothing major.  Lara also returned the rewritten version of Led to the Slaughter.  Amazing how many things she still found to change the second time through.

So I have this backlog of books that need to be dealt with, one way or another.  Lara is doing Linda's book, The Telling Tree, right now so she won't be able to get to my books for awhile.  That's all right, I suppose.  I mean, I just published Rule of Vampire a month ago, so there is no hurry to get another book out.

Anyway, just taking a step back and disconnecting for a short time.  Just a sense that I need to do so.

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