Saturday, October 12, 2013

New Favorite Show -- American Horror Story: Coven

Before I start, just let me say -- in case you're wondering -- I don't watch sitcoms or reality shows, so I'll never be reviewing those.

Meanwhile:  ***************SPOILERS!! *********************

I haven't watched the first two seasons of American Horror Story -- fortunately, they are on Netflix so I have that to look forward to.

This show is perfect.

Over the top and straight down the middle.  Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange are forces of nature.  Lange is perfectly believable as a hag trying to find her youth -- and yet, she's one good looking hag.

I liked everything about this show, but what nailed it for me was when Lange says to the young witches -- "Dress in black" and the next scene is the four girls dressed like stylish Halloween witches following her down a New Orleans street like little goth chicks, and no one even taking a second look at them.

Just the right tone of horror and goth and humor.


Meanwhile, The Tomorrow People.

I can't get over how good looking everyone is.  How they all seem to be 25 year old's pretending to be in high school. 

The story actually holds up until -- damn, it doesn't.  The scene where the main character is confronted with a video of his missing father, and runs out the room.  Huh?  All to set up a scene later where he comes back and watches it.  Why?

Then at the end, he joins the obvious bad guys though he obviously is simpatico with the good guys.  Again, why?

For plot.  As a writer, I seem to really notice nowadays when characters act out of character for plot reasons.

The main kid has a real Tom Cruise thing going.  Once I noticed that, I couldn't help but keep noticing that.  Ironically, the kid is probably a better actor.


Of all the Gloomy Gus shows, I think I like The Bridge best.  While a lot of people were apparently put off by the autistic vibe the lead actress was trying to put across, I felt she was too pretty and too normal for that.

But she's grown on me.

Mostly because she's grown on the lead actor.  Damian Bichir is one of those lead actors that seem to come from nowhere at middle-age.  Where did he come from?

I looked him up and he's actually been an Academy Award nominee for the movie A Better Life, which I didn't see.

So to me, he's new.  And he just gets it.  World weary, and funny, and charming and sympathetic in every way.

Even as he apparently is going to Break bad.


Speaking of middle aged actors who get the role of a lifetime.

Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg).  He's such a decent guy.  Funny and smart and interesting.

He's the best part of SHIELD so far, and enough by himself to keep me watching.  If that character goes off the rails, the whole show doesn't work.


Once Upon a Time: Wonderland.

I don't like the original show.  Too cheesy.

But I kind of liked this.  I'll keep watching for awhile....

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