Tuesday, October 29, 2013

First 30 pages.

The first 30 pages of a book are probably the most important.  Or maybe it's the last 30 pages.  Or maybe it's everything in-between....

Anyway, the first 30 pages are important.  So as I take on the task of trying to rewrite all the books I've got original drafts of, I'm concentrating on the first 30 pages most of all.

So here I am, rewriting Faerylander yet again.  I'm not sure how many drafts I've done.  It's all starting the blur.  But I've just never been satisfied with it, and I'm just trying yet again to tinker with it.

The main thing I'm looking at is getting right into the plot and then keeping the momentum going.  The hard part of the first 30 pages is that it is the place where the most new information is deposited and yet it is the place where it is most important to catch a reader's interest.

It just isn't easy to do both.

I've rewritten Faerylander (which used to be Nearly Human) so many times that I can't really tell if I'm improving it or not.  I think I am, so I have to stand by that.

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