Friday, October 18, 2013

The cushion is gone.

I've had this nice little cushion much of the year while I was saving up for taxes.  It was just sent off to the IRS in one fell swoop, bringing my balance down to hand to mouth levels.

Object lesson:  Try to get far enough ahead to not worry about my balance.

Easier said than done.   Always something to spend money on.

I've decided to really stock up for Christmas after having a very slow season last year.  As compared to the rest of the year, it shouldn't have been that slow.  So I'm going to make sure this year it isn't because I didn't have enough material.

It's fun to order stuff.  But it doesn't take long to spend the budget.  I'm doing it the old-fashioned way -- spending 90% of it early, frontloading it so it has plenty of time to sell.  Then reserving just 10% for reorders of stuff that sells out.

I'm still hoping to beat last year.  Won't be easy with only 2.5 months left.

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