Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday tings.

Seems to happen all the time. A group of friends at work agree to buy lottery tickets and assign one of them to buy the tickets, and then they win and the assigned buyer denies it.

"I have no idea what they're talking about..."

You think they write it out on a piece of paper, or something....


Two of my guys, Matt and Cameron, were off at the Emerald City Comic Con last weekend, so I've actually had to work a couple of extra days.

But comic conventions are great experiences. Sometimes in Bend, it can seem like a lonely experience to be a comic fan, and then you go to a big hall and see thousands of people as crazy as you.


While my brother Mike has been home, we've been clearing out a storage unit that my sister Tina rented for Mom and Dad's stuff -- mostly photographs and slides.

Amazing how many of the photo's were generic and non-specific. The classic was a picture my Dad took of a Hampton Inn's parking lot in New Jersey. Mike weeded through them for the significant ones, especially any pictures with actual people we know.

We gave some things to the new hospice thrift store on Greenwood. I took a few things homes. Much of it will end up in the landfill.

There are some art pieces which are too good to give or throw away, and yet maybe not of our current tastes.


O.K. A new bar will take the place of Boondocks, with a "dress code" and "no more strippers."
(Bulletin, 4/3/12.)

They're going to call it Liquid Club -- which personally doesn't connote ""upscale" to me, but I suppose it's all in the execution...


Out of camaraderie, I had one beer when we went out to dinner at Toomies, one beer the night we watched Game of Thrones, and one beer yesterday at lunch at Toomies again. (Brother Mike really likes the food.)

And even that much alcohol seems to throw me off.

Eating sit down three times in two days (we had breakfast with Dad at Jake's one morning) is some kind record for me.



Anonymous said...

So tell us what is Bend?

Duncan McGeary said...


"Poverty with a view"

Term used to describe life in Bend, Oregon or Central Oregon in general. Refers to numerous nearby mountain peaks, rivers, forests, clean air, and microbreweries, with the understanding that everyone will work for close to minimum wage regardless of level of education due to a dysfunctional job market.
Honey, did you see the place for sale down the street? It's a run-down double-wide on a flat one acre lot. Includes monster truck. Wow, that's what I call "poverty with a view".

Anonymous said...

Is the 'job market' dysfunctional? Or the kind of people who migrate to Bend and think they can flip dirt or shit ( sagebrush ) into gold.

Just a few years ago Bend was Aspen.

I love the fact that the new definition includes 'micro-brewerys' tomorrows venue of cheap beer for young alcoholics of our future.

Volcanic mountains with little flora, clean air when it rains, forests of LA-Pine diseased trees. Polluted rivers of rafters and the pederasts that gawk them from fake condos.

Funny that a few years ago Bend was Merenda at its climax of 2006, with Merenda being as close to Aspen as Bend ever got. Today Bend is 'BoneYard' a biker-garage brewery where sterility is a recycled condom. Only six years and Bend has redefined itself.

Coming back? Latest good research points to 2030 before Bend returns to 2007 Real Estate pricing. How many can wait? How many will wait? Only 18 years. Will it be worth the wait?

Anonymous said...


I kind of fixated on this word. Is a town of cheap corn-dog tourism, really a dysfunctional job market?

Is it really rational to call the job market dysfunctional when only min-wage service job's are the basis of the community?

I would argue the the corn-pone town is 100% functional in terms of any traveling carney sit at a fixed location. The customers and/or consumers may come&go from say PDX, or SEA but the locals and their employment are essentially static and tied to low quality hotels and food service.

Insanity would be a better term than dysfunctional, for its insane to expect Bend to be Princeton, when in fact its Coney Island in the desert, a desert far from any population.

Investment was sold to the the people over the years to justify the debt. Today the debt stands but the ROI can hardly be called 'dysfunctional' for only an idiot would have ever assumed that the ROI would have created anything other than Coney-Island service jobs.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I love the fact that the new definition includes 'micro-brewerys' tomorrows venue of cheap beer for young alcoholics of our future."

Nah, that stuff ain't cheap. The young alkies are drinking PBR. The microbrews are for the middle-aged alkies.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Coney Island in the desert" -- I like that.

But hey, we've got 30 GOLF COURSES!