Saturday, April 28, 2012


Linda and I went to see "Safe" the new Jason Statham movie.

For some reason, Linda really likes him; she turned to me in one of his movies and asked, "Are those real muscles or are they digitally enhanced?"

It was a fun movie. Very violent. It reminded me of a study I once read that said that people are more likely to become more violent after a movie in which the guy inflicting all the pain is doing so righteously, instead of the righteous guy being the victim of the pain.

Well, in this movie, they set up the travails of the young Chinese girl and the disgraced cop in the first part of the movie, so that when they finally turn and fight it is very satisfying....

There were a couple of actors who I barely recognized. The clean cut bad guy is the actor who plays the lead in Hell on Wheels, and the Chinese bad guy is the goofy sidekick on the show Grimm. Completely different in personalities. Acting, eh?

But one thing I want to know.


I want to know bodycount! (Checking Google, be right back...) O.K. Apparently no one has done it yet, but it's got to be in the hundreds.


Helen said...

Come see 'Rabbit Hole' ... I think you and wife Linda will enjoy it! I get to prance around onstage as one of the crew ..........

H. Bruce Miller said...

Although you seem so laid-back and mellow, Dunc, I think you have a hidden violent streak. I'm just glad you express it vicariously. So far.

Duncan McGeary said...

I've never found it terribly difficult to recognize the difference between the theatrical and the real.