Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday moops.

When did Game of Thrones become a half hour show?

Anyway, that's the way it feels. It's so engaging, that the hour just whizzes by. I almost never rewatch a show, but with GOT's I may make an exception.


Had a terrific weekend at the store. Didn't miss having a festival at all. Maybe N.W. Crossing would like some more of our events?

Go ahead and poach, I say.


The tax district downtown is up for another vote.

It's probably very safe, if from nothing else, from inertia.

Hopefully, the mini-rebellion last year has woken them up to the fact that endless festivals are not and endless good.


Books are saved!

There is a vast baboon market, just waiting to be tapped.

Wait. What if the little bastards prefer e-books? You know what, I bet the little bastards do prefer e-books....


I'm trying hard to work up sympathy for the book publishers. After all, I need them to survive.

But damn if I don't think they are partly responsible for the situation they're in. The helped facilitate Amazon's rise. So now they get to deal with the consequences.


Annoyingly -- I've for years agitated for card companies to be more careful about who they sell to.

So, when Panini actually does it, I find myself hoist on my own petard. They want so much documentation that I'm a real store, that I actually didn't follow through.

With the sudden emergence of Jeremy Lin, I decided I probably wanted to get basketball cards, after all. My wholesaler actually followed through for me, but I haven't heard back.


Getting an unexpected visit from one of Linda's nieces.

I'm trying to tell myself that sometime in the not too distant future, I'm probably going to want to be able to drop in on relatives and friends around the country while traveling.

What's fair for the goose.


I am unbelievably lazy. Just thought I'd throw that out there.



Anonymous said...

Take all the events out of downtown except parades and move them to the parks or other venues.

Please poach them then wait a year and ask the merchants in downtown if there sales when up. You will find they did ... unless you sell cheap food, coffee or trinkets.

Interesting Amazon and DOJ view point:

The city should fund the downtown organization for flower baskets and snow removal only. The balance of the rest should be managed by another organization. has not idea how to market our great downtown. It's a leadership issue.

H. Bruce Miller said...

Watched Episode 3 of GoT last night and was relieved to see that one of my favorite characters, Brienne the Maid of Tarth, hasn't been omitted. And the actor playing her seems physically perfect for the role.