Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yeah, like there isn't enough to read.

I almost hesitate to ask, since I know that the number of pop culture sites equals the dark matter in the universe, but I've decided I'm going to ignore most political reporting over the next year or so.

I know how I'm going to vote.

So I need -- just a tad -- more sites to visit if I'm going to skip all the political news.

Between Pandora and Flavorwire, I've been listening to quite a bit more music lately. I've even started listening to the local public access channel, KPOV, in the car.

I'm enjoying Flavorwire's 10 "most neglected 90's groups" or the "10 groups you'd like the see reunite" type entires. Easy way to waste 45 minutes.

I've seen 9 of the movies in town. I think the only one I still want to see is "Drive." Saw the Debt yesterday, and while it was a competent movie, I just didn't buy the premise of all the angst. It seemed overblown. So it was hard to buy the rest of the movie.

After a bit of a dryspell --(Just finished a minor effort by Robert Silverberg, Roma Eterna, which postulates that Rome never fell, and before that the latest James Lee Burke book) -- I started one of my favorite authors, yesterday, Stephen Hunter's new book, Dead Zero, and blew through a third of the book. When my stepson Todd was home, he glommed onto A Dance With Dragons. I'm not sure whether to replace it --- because I'm really starting to forget a bunch of the 2nd and 3rd books and I'm afraid I'll have to wait another 5 years or more, and then forget again, and then another 5 years or more.

I love Martin's writing, but I either have to reread the whole series between books, or just accept that I'll not remember what's going on.

As far as my above request, I'm willing to waste time on music or pop culture sites, but really don't want to get into the video clip universe. Talk about wasting time. I get hooked every time Naked Capitalism has an animal video -- frolicking bathing gorilla's and dolphin swimming dogs, but if pop culture sites = dark matter (20% of universe), video clips=dark energy (40% of the universe.)

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