Thursday, September 29, 2011

Snits and snips.

Have you ever noticed how often, when a local business gets bought by a larger, outside business -- it's often followed not much later by the bigger business falling into trouble?

Re: "PV Powered Parent Announces Cuts." Bulletin, 9/29/11.

Seems like that happens a lot. Maybe it's s symptom of over-expansion. Or an excuse to integrate the businesses and lay off people after making promises that such a thing wouldn't happen.


"DeBone Proposes a Hold on SDC's." Bulletin, 9/29/11.

I honestly don't understand this thinking. A guy spends a quarter of a million on a house, but he's all worked up about 3K?

Besides, the problem isn't that we don't have enough houses, it's that we have too many.

A guy like this is going to build his house no matter what.


"Redmond's Oldest Building." Bulletin.

Such a lovely house....


"Cascades Camps Likely Won't Be Affected by Gun Rule." Bulletin.

Because what students really need are more guns.


Damn. I just remembered that October Fest and Fall Fest aren't the same thing....

.....Even though they are the same damn thing.

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