Monday, September 12, 2011

Hey it's special! And so is this - and this - and this....and

"Once my CD's start skipping, they seem to just keep skipping...what is the story with that?"

"I don't know. I converted all my music to digital long ago."


" have CD's?"


"You know when you're dialing a phone number, and the dialer sticks....what is the story with that...?"


Diminishing returns? The Duck Race used to get tons of press, now it's barely mentioned. On the other hand, they had 17K ducks. It's duck pollution.


Another bike race in Bend? Really?


Smoke gets in my eyes.

My eyes swole up last night. (How come there isn't a word, "swole"?) Which means that wherever that fire was, it was in area with sage. 'Cause I'm allergic to sage.

Then again, maybe the smoke was thick enough it didn't matter.


I'm not feeling quite so guilty about running out of the first week of DC 52's. Apparently, virtually everyone is out.

We retailers are all assuming they'll be offering us second prints, but no word yet.

The problem? Just in the month between my original order for Batman and now, for instance, my subs just about doubled. That doesn't even begin to cover the number of issues I'd like to have out for sale.

But I couldn't get any more copies even though I tried 3 weeks in advance!

I think DC blew it. Apparently, it's O.K. for me to order 3 to 4 times normal numbers (my cost 1.50 to 2.00), but DC can't be bothered to do much of an overprint (their cost about .15 to .20.)

Actually, it's worse than that -- because there were less DC titles in the order than normal, and because I concentrated on the New 52, my average increase was probably closer to 5 times normal on most individual titles.

I've said before, any time you are forced to increase orders by double or more, you are in dangerous territory. It is essentially gambling on public interest, that all the promotion will work, when there is a long history of promotions barely moving the needle.

But I did it -- not just double but by 5 times.

And DC, from what I can tell, despite all their bold talk, gambled nowhere near as much.

P.S. I should probably mention: I've only received the first real week of comics -- there are still 3 more weeks of New DC to arrive, and there will be copies of almost all of them out for sale on the usual Wednesdays. It's just that, so far, they've only been lasting a few days....


Duncan McGeary said...

2nd prints offered and ordered for the first week's sold out comics.

Detective, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Static Shock, Green Arrow, Action, Justice League, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Omac, Batwing, Stormwatch, Batgirl, all comic back in.

So now we know DC isn't going to starve the market.

Leitmotiv said...

at least now that it's burned a bunch of sage, we can be fairly certain that our area has been cleansed of negative spirits! Such as Budweiser, Coors, Henry Weinhard's...

H. Bruce Miller said...

Now that you have a laptop and an iPhone, I'm hopeful that you will finally join the MP3 world. You can't believe how great it is to be able to carry your music collection in a shirt pocket.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that those MP3 files are as a rule stolen media content. Ahhh the love for APPLE, allowing the common man/woman to fuck the recording industry.
Genius he is.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"Don't forget that those MP3 files are as a rule stolen media content."


Mr Nighttime said...

I was watchign tv last night and actually saw a commercial for teh new 52. First time I have ever seen comics advertised on tv.

Anonymous said...

Talking about bullshit, looked like China might be welling to buy Italian bonds, but at todays auction there was no buyer. Thus geithner flys to europe to buy their bonds?

The FED-RES has been the only buyer of US debt for a long time. Italy doesn't have nor greece the luck of a central-bank that can pull euros out of its ass to buy bonds.

We could be very close to a one-world currency. Even the IMF doesn't have enough money to cover Italy's needs.

Anonymous said...

Most MP3's that people listen to were ripped long ago with kazaa or limewire or one of the 100's of other dorm room college music share programs.

Virtually every product that Apple has sold since 1995 has been a gadget that delivers stolen content.

Great business model selling hardware to deliver stolen software.

One of the reasons that USA has gone to hell in general and that there are no jobs or money in music, or why concerts now cost $100's of dollars is that people don't buy music they steal it. Post y2k software simply became stolen or free.

Now only hardware is sold, and software is 'omerta', like hbm say's "BULLSHIT", its almost like selling Bend real-estate to a cali child with a wink of the eye their money is gone, bend gone.

Books will be next, essentially with the iPad all books can be electronic, and delivered by apple hw, and nobody pays the author a dime.

Done with the iTune ( 90's ), then iPhone ( music-video ), and now iPad books, stealing music, movies, and/or books and selling gadgets to commit the crime.

Children who have stolen so long are now old enough to be parents themselves, and all know well that theft is normal, Bend Normal.

Anonymous said...

So all of europe and the usa, and virtually every welfare state of the west is now dependent upon gubmint jobs and gubmint checks, but there is no money to back these gubmints.
Only a few countrys are lucky enough to have their own printing press to buy their own debt, so as to continue the ponze ad-infitim.

Obviously italy was not willing to use rome or florence as collateral to the chinese, this could have been the buy of the millenium. But it could still happen.

Watch closely Bender's, your social security checks and UST deposits are only as good as your FED can keep buying the debt.

Most folks want more keynesian stimulation. Trouble is someone has to put the money down. Today nobody wants to put up collateral.

You all know how this is going end? China will own virtually everything in the world, and all because our system is Bend Fucked.

Like MARX said long ago "The capitalists will pay for the rope that they will be hung by", certainly this desire to continue the charade and/or ponzi is cutting a POUND of flesh off the west daily.

No war required, but of course there will be a war, because losers have nothing left to lose.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"One of the reasons that USA has gone to hell in general and that there are no jobs or money in music, or why concerts now cost $100's of dollars is that people don't buy music they steal it."

And yet Ween and Lady GaGa and the rest of 'em aren't on the breadlines yet. Amazing.