Monday, September 19, 2011

Say, something, he said.

I had planned to spend the weekend writing. Failing that, I wanted to clear up the garden, mow the lawn, make myself useful.

Instead, went for a drive, saw a couple of movies, and read a couple of books.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.

I do tend to lose my interest in gardening around mid-August which is why I chose to buy the bookstore rather than keep on gardening (at the time, a landscaping service would have been more profitable, being before the days when so many came to town.)

Lazy, lazy.

Linda and I went for a drive, and she was halfway to Sisters before I realized where we were going. She wanted a hamburger at the Ski Inn. We went to see the movie," Drive ",at the Sister's theater.

The movie was pretty good. I think I said more to Linda in the first five minutes of our first date than Ryan Gosling says in the entire film. (Say something, he said.) It seemed both artificial and fresh, beautifully filmed.

I love the "feel" of the Sister's theater. I can see myself driving there just to see a show -- even if the Regal chain in Bend is carrying the same movie.

We visited Paulina Springs bookstore, which is a fantastic bookstore. I love the non-corporate feel, the uniqueness of the offerings. I noticed that they are diversifying into "used" books, games and toys, more.

As far as I'm concerned, the new business season has started today. I can order books and games and such, after purposely taking a few weeks off. The new comic sales (the DC New 52) made up the shortfall of running out of stock of so many things. Comics and graphic novels have been running about 45% of sales over the last year (the historic range is 45-65%). This month, comic sales are 55% of business, and it's pretty clear I'm going to beat last year in sales, making it three months in a row.

It's nice that we seemed to have bottomed out last summer -- though it certainly wasn't nice at the time.

As long as I feel like there is still material I can get for the store that will sell, I think the store can do well if I do my job correctly.

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