Friday, September 2, 2011

"Pow!" In the Bulletin, this morning.

Flashy article in the biz section of the Bulletin today. About the relaunch of the New 52 DC comics coming out this month. Always good to be in the paper.

It's about time -- I was feeling neglected. (Ha, just kidding.)

It's a pretty straightforward article; the only quibble is that I give the impression that comics are only now becoming more "sophisticated" with the relaunch of the DC titles -- but of course, they've been that way for a long time now.

I should have plenty of copies of the upcoming titles -- starting next Wednesday. But I'm close to running out of the first one to show: Justice League. I'm somewhat chagrined by that.

But you just can't predict what the media might want to cover.

Got a picture of me flashing my comic.

It's been noted elsewhere, but the media seems more intrigued about a whole line of comics starting over than we'd have expected. Of course, such things go on all the time in comics: but not to this extent. I really believe DC is committed to this venture. Almost no one is talking about the digital part -- or why DC felt like it had to take such a huge gamble.


Helen said...

Great article indeed! Always nice to open the paper and see a fellow Bend blogger.

Chuck Arnold said...

Great piece Duncan! I was very happy to see that!

Mr Nighttime said...

Maybe the article helped to drum up some business that the bike races kill. The racing sure made our day not worth opening up for.
Though our sacrifice didn't go in vain. Chuck Arnold stopped by to tell us how great the coffee shops were we all sat outside on the bench wondering how we were going to pay the bills with no foot traffic and appts. canceled because folks didnt want the hassle of avoiding bikes all day. Thanks Chuck.

Duncan McGeary said...

Don't you know it's good for you?

Everyone tells me so.