Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Everything seeming too ephemeral."

I liked the word "ephemeral" to describe digital.

The article in the Bulletin the other day: "Young Tradespeople Blaze -- and Craft -- Their Own Trails."

" find (working in an office) is not avoidable."..."You'll still end up in a cubicle doing graphic design."

"...12 to 14 hours a day he was spending at a computer..." "...creating things that could disappear with the click of a button.

"I think (it was) the combination of the digital age and everything seeming too ephemeral. I've had to get tangible again." ..."I want an opportunity to have a beautiful piece in your hand."

I think I may have to make that my new slogan: "Get Tangible Again!"

But ultimately, that's the way I feel. Everything can disappear by the click of a button. Did it ever really exist?


H. Bruce Miller said...

Not everybody is cut out to spend his/her days in front of a computer screen, which is one reason I believe the push to train or retrain everybody for tech jobs is a mistake. One of the best things about human beings is their ability to create beautiful and useful things with their hands. I would like to see a revival of craftsmanship in America.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll see homegrown fascism long before you see a revival in the arts.