Thursday, July 29, 2010

Won't you come home, Bill Bailey?

As I mentioned yesterday, I do wish someone would pick up the mantle of the old local bubble blogs.

Anonymous and open to all comments.

I'm probably being hypocritical here. Not wanting to host such a site, yet wanting someone else to do it.

The bust from the boom is going to take years and years....and years. There are going to be significant developments from here on out.

An "open source" type blog would be very useful still.

In my own plans, I've more or less tacked another year onto the length of the downturn; and wouldn't be surprised to have to do that next year, too.

Lots of weird stuff yet to happen.


H. Bruce Miller said...

"The bust from the boom is going to take years and years....and years. There are going to be significant developments from here on out. An "open source" type blog would be very useful still."

I don't miss the "open source" blogs at all and I don't think they were helpful or useful in any way. They just provided a forum in which cowards could post crazy rants and libelous shit about other people from behind a screen of anonymity.

If you don't have the balls to put your name on what you post, don't post it.

Bend Economy Man said...

Regarding the bust: the cat is so far out of the bag that the cat's had kittens and the bag is biodegrading.

I thought that the bubble-blogging era was great. Proud to have been a bubble-blogger. But what made it fun was that we were the only sane ones when everyone else was crazy. At first we had doubts, we said "is it ME who's crazy? This bubble makes no sense if you think about it for 5 minutes."

But then the evidence built and we knew we were right, no matter how desperately the Real Estate Industrial Complex tried to keep the bubble going.

And then even after it became glaringly clear it was going to end, it was fun to make fun of KTVZ and The Bulletin for printing stuff that, not only in hindsight but in regular sight, was ridiculous, simply insulting to intelligence. It was fun to see that media conspiracies really do exist.

And of course it wasn't news when 5-6 bubble blogs had been absolutely right since, in my case, November 2005.

But now what's fun about bubble-blogging? When house prices start rising again, it'll be maybe 2-3 percent a year, and it will take 10-20 years before the financiers and the public forget about the 2000-2007 property bubble.

Are we going to blog about that idiotic bubble for 10-20 years, like it was the Shoah and we need to preserve the memory lest it happen again? If history has shown anything, it's that asset bubbles have come and gone since the invention of money. No point in trying to prevent it.

Trying to bring back bubble-blogging is like trying to bring back flannel shirts and grunge music. It was great, but it was part of an era. Let it be, Dunc, and let it live on in our memories.

Duncan McGeary said...

I don't know. I think we still need a chronicle of denial and hubris.

Lots of stuff still going on, lots of real estate blogs spouting nonsense, and lots of warnings still needed to people who don't know what Bend is or has been or is likely to be.

Businesswise, who's even trying to tell the truth state of things?

Commercial real estate, bank lending, developers problems, who leaving who's staying, and on and on.

I can't comment often about what I see, because I own a business.

What we need isn't bubble blogs maybe, but bust blogs.

H. Bruce Miller said...

"I can't comment often about what I see, because I own a business."

What do you think is gonna happen -- COBA and COAR will organize a boycott of your business?

I doubt your customer base would pay any attention to it -- if they were even aware of it. Different crowd.

jared said...

Dunc, you should start an alter-ego blog just like all your favorite comic book heros. Your bubble blogger name? I was thinking "Drunken" McGeary. Come on, admit it, that is a pretty sweet alter-ego.

Duncan McGeary said...

Sir! You insist on having me a drunk!

I must inform you....excuse me, my throat is parched......hmmm, yes, most refreshing....where was I? Oh, yes.... I must inform you I drink but a tipple.

Drunken McGeary. Humph.

Anonymous said...

Blackdog - have you ever signed a post at Bend Sux as H. Bruce Miller?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with BEM. What made it fun was that we were early on the curve, and could make of fun of the BULL & SORE.

Now the fun is gone, and virtually everyone I know is in pain.

The GOD DAMN FUCKING ASSHOLE here also known as HBM, of course advocates going public so his owners can crucify the truth tellers.

Dunc is right and I have said this from day one here going back like BEM to 2005, "Don't mix business and politics". HBM thinks that COVA&CORA can't kill dunc, but they can, the system is rigged, and they can fine and fee you to death from city, county, regional, state and federal. They can BLEED you to fucking death. ORYGUN is a kleptocracy. The folks that OWN HBM have been running this state as a KLEPTOCRACY since post WWII.

Like I have said all along here, Bend is an artificial ghost town held up by illusion. Let it die, let HBM and Switzer, and Costa, ... and all the illusionists go back to hell where they came from, let Bend die. Out of that death will be a new birth.

If DP ( dunc pussy ) must blog, then let it be about the 'new dream' of a new Bend.

Like BEM say's bubbles are as old as paper money, and as old as mercantile society, BEM himself said in 2007 that all that needed to be said, had been said. Stupid fucking people will always do stupid fucking shit, those 3% of us that know what the fuck is going on MUST get on with our lives and get the fuck out of Bend.

Move on folks and let HBM and his COVA/CORA ilk rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

The HUBRIS of Bend will only end when the taxpayer quits paying for the likes of HBM, COVA, and COBA.

Like when we talked with 'events' a few weeks ago, the SORE runs most events in this town, and pays virtually nothing for the city to do so, which in turn keeps it in business, which in turns keeps the suckers coming to Bend to buy real estate.

DUNC, do you want to be entertained by HUBRIS? Or do you wish to end hubris? Me thinks you only want to be entertained by hubris.

Bend is going down and hard in the coming years. Soon CACB will fold and any ability of the City of Bend to borrow money and any rate of interest will terminate. A new flock of parasites will run city-hall. Nobody listened to a min-wage guy yesterday, and nobody will listen tomorrow.

Me thinks that the min-wage losers of Bend relish watching the fat-cats and their 'illusionists' go down. This is common for the slave to watch the slave-owner suffer, but always remember that the slave owner has the better life.

The best thing we can do about Bend is vote with our feet. The chains are only in your own mind. I'm quite surprised that more slaves of Bend, simply haven't walked away already with their lives.