Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Pacific

I'd taped the ten hours of The Pacific, intending to watch them when I had a chance.

Saturdays are my day off with Linda working, and if I want to watch a show or movie that I know Linda doesn't want to watch, I'll sometimes pop one in. But I really save up watching the boob tube until evenings, usually, so I try not to get carried away.

I'd planned to redo that Black Book of the store yesterday, after intending to do it the weekend before, but first...I thought....I'll pop in the first hour of The Pacific.

Big mistake.

9 hours later, I'd watched all 10 episodes, fast-forwarding the credits and re-caps.

Now here's where I could comment on the show: It was Great.

But instead, I'm going to comment on my addictive personality. This was the equivalent of staying up until 4:00 A.M. reading a good book. I try not to do that anymore. In fact, I try to stay away from most addictive substances -- alcohol, drugs, video games, anything that's too much fun, heh.

When I watch these more realistic war shows, I'm thankful I missed my generation's war by getting a high draft number -- and sobered by the sacrifice of those who didn't.


H. Bruce Miller said...

Have you seen "Band of Brothers"? My daughter gave me the boxed set of DVDs for Christmas and I liked it even more than "The Pacific." It seemed to engage the viewer more in the characters' lives. Highly recommended.

Duncan McGeary said...

Yeah, that's why I should've known better. I did the same thing with Band of Brothers, only over several nights. Both great shows.