Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vapor product.

I guess today I find out if Magic is dead to me, or merely comatose. The 2011 brand is coming in.

In the past, faced with this conundrum, I would try to entice customers with discounts, but I'm wondering -- what's the use? I can keep the brand in stock at regular price, and my budgeted money on books and boardgames.

Meanwhile, it's also the season for "late" blockbusters.

Did you know I sell unicorns online? Not in my store, mind you. If I sold real unicorns in my store, I'd actually have to produce them. But selling unicorns online? No problem, just send me the money.

I try this tact all the time, but most people just act mystified. So let me lay it out. The internet lies. Yes, lies. It tells you what you want to hear. Just because someone posts a date and someone is 'selling' it online doesn't mean it's actually out.

And, why do you believe an anonymous online site over a living breathing storekeepers who after all would like nothing better than to sell you the damn product?

So...this week's villains; and probably next week and the week after if history is any judge, are Scott Pilgrim #6, which is supposed to arrive next week; and most especially Walking Dead #12.

Here's a hint. Walking Dead Vol. 12 was offered in December of 2009.

It was then offered again in April of 2010.

Which means the original offer would be, oh, I don't know..... six months late. The second solicitation would be -- if it showed up next week on time which it apparently will not -- would be at least two months late. But that "Arrival Date" you find online won't change.

Actually, you know what? I'm just hiding it in the back room because I don't really want to make any money by selling it to you....

I'm not actually that annoyed. I just wanted to express a little faux outrage. One things for sure --this phenomenon of the web trumping reality isn't going to change anytime soon.

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