Friday, July 23, 2010

Research and Development.

It's always a bit of a mind trip to read about Comic-con.

Most of the year, I sell these little things that almost no one wants. They're called comics. (What!? They still make comics? What do you do, collect them? Surely, no one reads them. Hey, I bet my kids would be interested in this store? Or the weird cousin, Johnny -- he's into this stuff.)

And then, in July, it's the biggest thing in the world. There's Angelina Jolie at a comic-con table! It's weird, I tell you.

But, of course, it's not about the comics. Anymore than the Batman or Superman movies are. Or even the Scott Pilgrim movie. It's about movies and games and mass entertainment.

Somehow, unworthy comics become cool games, toys, books, and movies. How does that happen? Those adapters must be geniuses! Because, well, it couldn't be the actual story and art of the comics. That's a ridiculous notion!

Comics have become the Research and Development arm of the entertainment world. Inspiration and creativity abound. And Hollywood and Silicon Valley have taken notice. I'm sure they assign underlings to read those pesky comics and mine them ideas.

We're like geek scientists who are shuffled off to a lab out of sight out of mind and given a small budget to explore and create, and then the office types scoop up those ideas and hand them to those CEO types who hand them over to the promotional types and WOW! Look at this great idea this company had! Where did that come from????

But will the public ever explore this world at the source? Will they ever say to themselves -- hey, it's just story and art, and anything is possible.....?

I doubt it. In fact, I'm positive they never well. Apparently, everyone is able to hold two -- what to me are -- contradictory ideas. That comics are stupid kid stuff, but many of the movies, T.V. shows, games, and books made from them are great entertainment.


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