Thursday, July 8, 2010

half an inch, half an inch, before you know it, yards....

Going back to work today after an entire week off. Can't remember when or if I've ever done that. I gave myself the last two days at home, which was a huge bonus. And my weekend is coming up, which is yet another bonus. (I really need to get back to the garden...)

I spent an hour and a half the other night after closing just straightening up. Everything in the store seemed just a little out of place. My "Half-Inch" rule just never seems to sink in with my employees, no matter how often I repeat it. I just don't think they see it, or that they see it as important.

So I go around from top to bottom, squaring things up, making things look even, and otherwise demonstrating my OCD tendencies....

It's the deal I made with myself: it's O.K. to pack the store from top to bottom, but ONLY if you keep it neat and tidy, dude.

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