Wednesday, June 3, 2009

UP next.

It seems to me that I spend most of my time at the store trying to simplify tasks, winnow them down to essentials, weed out the extra, and streamline procedures.

So reading Lyle's blog, The Diner Life, and Keeneye's Blog, Untrained Professional with OCD, just wears me out. How do they find the energy?

Here I was feeling sorry for Keeneye, and she goes and takes Flying Lessons. What, huh? No more sympathy from me, buster.


New stores popping up in downtown Bend, without fanfare. Clothing stores, mostly. cc.McKenzie, and Mary Janes are two I noticed. Anyone know the story? Any others?
Anyone closing?


I was talking to another comic store owner down in Ashland, and his level of sales was just slightly above mine, but he's open 11 hours a day, versus my 7, so it probably evens out.

Such consistency is actually kind of reassuring. Makes my predictions much more likely. In fact, the only time I wasn't able to really predict sales within a pretty close margin of error was back in 1995, when I had three bubbles burst at the same time, and nothing else selling.

It was also funny when he said to me, "For being how bad it is, I'm doing amazingly well." Which is exactly the statement I've been making.


I'm meeting tech-guy Aaron Leis at the store early today to go over some things with the Point of Sale computer. He's had two sessions so far with the Diamond people, and it seems to be going smooth.

My biggest concern -- trying to get all my inventory online -- may not be as big a problem as I thought. I'm beginning to think I can take my last full inventory done, and then just add the data from every invoice since, and then just scroll down and cross off what I know I've sold.

What I'd really like is for Aaron to by standing at my shoulder for a couple of days while I introduce the POS, but I'm more likely to get a couple of hours and cell phone access....


Pretty quiet on the blogosphere, right now. Both twitter and blogs seem to be trending more and more to spam like entries. I guess that was inevitable. It's another reason I don't gussy up this blog, or add all kinds of hyperlinks, or whatever.

I try to keep it non-professional, if you will. But hopefully still readable.


Seen three summer movies, so far. Star Trek, Wolverine, and Terminator.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with a 6 and above worth seeing in the theater, Wolverine and Terminator were both about 6, Star Trek pretty much a 9. UP next.....


Anonymous said...

I saw UP with my 4 year old -- only the second movie he's ever seen in a theatre. It was so engaging that he had no problem sitting through the whole thing.

I thought it was a wonderful movie (if you're comfortable with kids and animation, etc.)

Keeneye said...

If you were on vacation, you could certainly "work" a 12-hour day being a tourist, right? Shopping, eating out, swimming, biking, etc. 12-hours would seem like they just flew by.

It's the 12-hour actual work days that kill you.

When you finally have a few hours off, you want to do something for you. Some people go to the movies, others read books, or maybe do some gardening.

I fly.