Friday, January 9, 2009

So far, so good?

One good thing about setting such low goals -- they aren't that hard to achieve.

So far, our sales are more toward the middle case scenario than the worst case scenario.

Or course, the middle case scenario once would have been our worse case.....

It's been an interesting couple of weeks. I haven't made any reorders for an entire month, except for off the 'liquidation' lists. (I made a decision to go ahead and order good product at discounts while they are still available.)

Meanwhile, I didn't reorder the week before Christmas, which was fairly easy cause stuff wouldn't have arrived until a day or two before. I didn't order the week of Christmas or the week of New Years, because it would've been difficult to shoe-horn it in the available days, and because I was otherwise occupied.

This last week was a bit harder, because we have a fair number of spot shortages, but I ignored them.

I have one big payment to the governments for Pat's quarterly wages.

My credit card turns over about mid-month, so that bills will come due in late February.

So I'm biding my time.

I'll have several thousand dollars to spend for the February period; probably pretty much enough to replace all the evergreen product, and maybe even increase a bit.

All I have to do not reorder on Monday or Tuesday, and I'm there.

(Then again, having a couple of really, really slow hours like this morning have me doubting I should start reordering. I just have to keep playing it as I see it...)

On another subject -- was interesting with the new job report to listen to all the talk about 'what it would take' to restore confidence and get employers to start employing.

Well, this hits home -- on a tiny little scale, having just let go of my one employee.

And I can't figure out what the hell they're talking about.

Restore confidence to rehire an employee?

Well, increased sales and profits would do it.

Confidence, smofidence....


RDC said...

I think they mean basically to restore confidence so that people will spend money they don't have, to buy things they don't need, such that business owners will need to hire more people

Anonymous said...

On another subject -- was interesting with the new job report to listen to all the talk about 'what it would take' to restore confidence and get employers to start employing.


Given that the entire economy since the 1980's has been a 'confidence scam', and that in the holy name of 'investing' a large portion of baby-boomers have had their entire life savings wiped out by fraudulent accounting, which was part of the confidence scam.

It should be interesting that the same people who created the confidence scam (PONZI, or what not ) are now trying to comfort people that the worst is over.

The worst is NOT over, we're not even at the beginning of the bad, we're still in denial.

Sale's have not even stopped plummeting. Manufacturing is now at the lowest in recorded history.

There is no doubt that when this is all over there will be millions without a job, until the government creates new CCC job-works,... to get people back to work, perhaps we'll see a return to mom@home in order to lower un-employment.

Look in Dunc's world, in the western world the average retail is 3 sq-ft per person, in the USA there is 18 sq-ft of retail per person. That's a 6X of unneeded space, and employment.

The USA is NOT exceptional, and neither is BEND, the USA just had a hell of a party for 25+ years and now has to pay the bill to the rest of the world.

Restore confidence? Where everybody that followed the 'rules' is losing their life savings??

Dunc knows the essential truth, HUNKER DOWN, minimize expense, and be nice to customers. That's all you can do to survive.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I can't find your online novel you talk about on your sidebar. Where is it? I see only your bookstore link.

Anonymous said...
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