Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Panga Blog

Turns out my wife is a natural blogger. I should have known. I'm tickled by it.

Now that we both blog on a regular basis (thankfully, for her, she not as obsessive and she missed one day in the first week....good precedent) I'm thinking we should start a Panga Blog.

Something like this.

Woke Mom by scratching at door at 5:00. Got to be quiet. The Big Hairy Guy doesn't like it if I wake him. He stomps to the door. I run to my place on the couch!

Olly, olly Oxen Free! Whew.. Safe.

I go back later, scratch softly and mew softly. Oh, Mom....oh, Mom.

I'm starving!

Ah hah. Demand to be put on her shoulders for my full hour, as usual she falls short and only give me half an hour. I wait by the side of the bed for her to pull back the covers and tuck me in.


Covers fly back. Big Hairy Guy grabs me and flings me over his shoulder. Sigh. Big sigh. Have to go to work.

Am co-pilot with Mom in machine. Pass big butte. Meow loudly, cause I think there's a cougar up there. A cousin of mine.

Get to front of store. Wait for Mom to open door, run inside. Wait for treat. That's the deal. I go to work, she feeds me treats.

She's been starving me lately.

Go back to storage room, sleep most of the day.

Wander out a couple times for treats.

Mom's been starving me.

People pester me, tell me how beautiful I am, as if I don't know it.

Time to close the store. I run around the store, meowing loudly, making it clear it's time to go home.

Home. What a day. Hard work sleeping all day.

I'm starved.

Wait for the Big Hairy Guy to become couch potato. Stare at him, until he makes lap available. Ah, hah. Safely in my lap throne for the rest of the evening. Mom and the Big Hairy Guy stare at some annoyingly fickering thing for hours. Go to bed.

Exciting day. Just like yesterday. Just like tomorrow.

Maybe I'll try something new tomorrow. Sit in the window at the store, maybe. Let people purr over me. I deserve it.


Jason said...

I like it. "Big Hairy Guy".

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Panga Kitty secretly calls him "Plain Blog Guy" and "No Link to Wife's Blog" guy, I the only non-Bend person to drop by this blog? All this talk of Bend...I do think what is happening in Bend, the downturn and the real estate bubble burst, is happening in many places where people were speculating and getting greedy and silly. The real estate bubble didn't happen here, but it isn't all peaches and cream here, either. Lots and lots of places closing down, both national chains and many small businesses that had made it through the giant oil bust, only to fail during the boom.