Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good stuff, cheap prices.

Hey, it looks just as good as the stuff I paid full price for.

As I mentioned, the last two weeks worth of 'Liquidation' lists from my comic distributer, Diamond Comics, has been packed with goodies. I ordered a whole bunch. About 2/3rds of it came in on this week's invoice.

The interesting thing was that it raised my over all profit margin on the product by 20%! That includes all the regular priced stuff in the mix.

20% !!

Let me tell you, 20% is huge. It means that I only have to sell half as much to reach my goal, or take twice as long to get there -- or best of all, earn almost twice the profit!

Of course, this is all predicated on it selling.

Will it sell?

But this was amazing good stuff, equal to what I usually order.

For example, every time I've ever ordered Aliens vs. Predator action figures, I've sold out. Sometimes it took awhile to sell that last figure, but it always happened.

Or....also in this week's invoice...Indiana Jones action figures. Sure, the movie is over, but the movies will be on T.V. forever. I have one figure left from the original case I bought. It's a perennial. Like Star Wars. Like Star Trek. Let the chainstores dump last year's product, but I'll just a keep a selling it.

Nothings hot, but nothings ever cold.

Here's where my strategy of selling a little of a lot (instead of selling a lot of a little) pays off. This is when being solvent and debt free and experienced and having liquidity pays off.

Go ahead, liquidate. I'll buy.

Interesting to me, every other store I see is liquidating their inventory, and here I am BUYING liquidated product. So either they're crazy or I am.

The first three days of the New Year have been really good, so it gives me a nice headstart into my traditionally slowest month.

So, feeling pretty chipper amongst all the doom and gloom.

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