Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, not yet. Going to go see the 3-D version this morning. Will report back.


Duncan McGeary said...

A more phallic movie you'll never see. I kept wanting to protect my crotch from long pointing things.

The 3-D has really improved. By all means see this movie that way. I can see now why they digitalized everything.

Written by Neil Gaiman, who no matter how big a writer he becomes will always be remembered as the writer of comics to me.

Jason said...

I guess I didn't realize they were doing Beowulf in 3-D, but it sounds like fun.

We're going to try to get in to see this later this week, if we can. Ariel just quit her job at the theater, so no more free movies for us.

Say, did anybody else get in to see The Nightmare Before Christmas when it was here?