Thursday, November 22, 2007

Going into my second Christmas season blogging, so I may start repeating myself. I feel the same way every year. The Holidays are different for retailers -- it is very hard to get into the spirit when your livelihood depends on sales.

It's a kind of nervous feeling, because you've pretty much done all the things you can do. Now you just wait to see what happens.

Even ordering doesn't really affect sales, past the first week or two.

Every year, it seems as though the public waits longer. Nowadays, it comes down to the last 10 days or so. Which to me is a big danger. Bad weather, terrorist attack, some major event happens, and Christmas is wiped out.

Every year, in my imagination, I hear the Sheriff of Nottingham exclaim, "THAT'S IT. CANCEL CHRISTMAS!!"

I usually go to the family Thanksgiving Dinner, which is held at my sister's house, bless her, and tell myself not to drink any wine. Every Black Friday, I'm hung over, which is not a good place to be when you're dealing with hordes of people.

Bend has changed, even in the last year. I just shake my head when I look in the papers. I'm astounded by the number of new businesses. A couple of dozen new kids stores, it seems like, a couple dozen more new home decor stores, the ubiquitous clothing stores, the country kit ch that has suddenly popped up. It's just weird, I tell you.

I'm hoping that there are enough visitors in town, that downtown will actually get a turnout this year from people looking for something other than the usual Walmart bargain. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were very busy, which I can't really remember happening before. I hope that bodes well.

Oh, and enjoy your Turkey!

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