Friday, June 1, 2007

Rock Chuck Buffet

I've only seen the fat little critter a couple of times, on top of the dirt piles in back, sniffing the air. I wasn't even sure if he was from around here.

We have a birm to the left of our house, in front, a low-maintenance area with yukka plants, and a rock pile on top. When we first moved in, I saw our friend there for a second.

Linda decided she wanted to dress the birm up a little with exotic grasses, and on the very top, next to the fence, a couple of lilaces.

Woke up the other morning, with half of one of the little clumps of grass neatly sheared. Now, I've seen deer in the area, so I thought that might be it. Yesterday, Linda went out and the little rock chuck was nibbling away. He disappeared into the rocks, about 3 feet away.

He must have woke up some morning and thought breakfast was served in bed. Or that the pizza delivery guy had showed up.

Now what? I'm pretty sure the little guy wiped our hosta's in back; and I'm terribly worried about the juicy peonie buds that are about to bloom. I watched my mother's garden get eaten by deer, but I thought I was safe because of the fence.

I've heard, if I let the little guy get a family going, I'm REALLY in trouble.

I've very purposely not given him a name, because I fear this isn't going to end well for him. At best a live trapping and release. I'll have to do some research. But I fear gardening and rock chucks don't go together.

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