Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lonely Maytag real estate.

My next door neighbor is having an "Open House." Since this is my chance to see what's next to me, I bopped on over and checked it out. Huge house, one level, 2400 ft, probably on a third of an acre. Like most houses in Williamson, a nice house. They're asking 495,000

I've been saying how Willaimson Park never seems to have any houses for sale. Well, now we have 3, which is a veritable explosion. I knew that an older couple owned it as a 'second' home because one of their children lived in the neighborhood. She laughed, and said, my parents, my sister, but the they just didn't like the weather, etc.

Asked it it used to be a doctor's office, because it looks like it would be perfect for a couple of offices, or a children's nursury, or a group home of some kind. It used to be something like that.

So I picked her brain. Is it a drawback to be so near doctor's and dentist's offices? -- no, its a plus.

Do you ever read the bubble blogs? -- what's a blog?

How's business? -- this is Bend, people will always want to move here.

Where are all the browsers? -- well, it's the first really nice weekend.

So, the upshot of it all is, I've been gardening all afternoon in the back yard. 3 hours, so far. NOT A SINGLE LOOKER!

The Lonely Maytag realtor.....

Update; just after writing the preceding, a young middle aged couple and probably their mother drove up in an SUV, and checked out the place for probably 20 minutes. Heard them ask about the sprinkler as they left. About ten minutes after that, the realtor removed the sign.

Must not have liked what she heard, and called it a day.

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