Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writing Holiday.

Went walking in Badlands again, kind of regular route nowadays.

I'm 10K words into The Last Fedora, with the rest of the book sketched out.  I'm going to try to write it as fast as possible.

I read some chapters last night to Linda and she said, "Oh, I thought that would take longer."

"Am I rushing it?"

"You could do a couple of chapters building up the danger."


The other sense I have is that I need to build up the likability of a couple of characters, or even create a couple more likeable characters.  I've got a couple, but there are being acted on, not acting.  So maybe one more character in the mix.

It's already veered off a little, a minor character has become a major villain.

Anyway, it's a fun book to write, and I'm hoping it will be as fun to read.

Linda is going on a little writing trip, which also leaves me alone to write.  I'm always it little more productive when I'm alone, though I don't have as hard a time when Linda is around as she has when I'm around. Try as I might not to, I tend to interrupt her.  Plus she feels more responsibility toward outside things.  Me?  When I'm writing, everything else can go hang.

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