Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crux chapter.

I'm halfway through the rewrite of Faerylander.  Because I've moved chapters around, I suddenly have a hole in the book.

But I decided it was a great opportunity to fill this hole with a chapter that deepens the theme of the book, and to turn the story from a things happening to the main characters storyline to the main characters making things happen.

Anyway, I've actually written three variations of this chapter.

One is a meeting in the Eagle and Child tavern with C.S. Lewis and Charles Williams.

Though this explicates the theme of friendship, it is kind of weak chapter, in many ways.

Another is to have Cobb, the main protagonist,  go into the heads of the Old Gods.  This is kind of cool, though I think it's difficult not to water down pure evil when you explicate it.

The third is the have Cobb drink some whiskey (I've established he's a drunk) and turn into this Faery shape and fly into Faery where he talks to kind of Father Nature/Buddha type guy who gives him advice.

The first option, as I say, feels weak.

The second option doesn't really explicate the theme that well (but I can still use it as part of another chapter).

The third option is more dramatic, but kind of comes out of left field, introducing yet another complication to the story.

Today I'm considering having Cobb transform and fly into Faery, and there somehow he overhears the Old Gods.  That would keep the elements within what has already been introduced as well as add a little action.

That's my thinking today -- who knows what I'll be thinking tomorrow. 

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