Saturday, February 21, 2015

Is it really so hard to believe?

I really like the way The Last Fedora is coming together.  Just need to continue the pace I'm on and I'll be finished before I know it.

I didn't set out to write these odd little stories, but I think it's the right approach.  Writing just another fantasy or whatever, what's the point?

I'm not being odd just to be odd.  These are the stories that are coming to me, and that's great.  Trying to catch people's attention that way, and maybe eventually start writing something with a broader appeal.  Or not.  I write what my subconscious wants to write.

People seem to be having a hard time buying the premise of Super Intelligent Pigs on a Rampage.  To me, Tuskers requires no more suspension of disbelief than a million other ideas.  Especially among those who already read this kind of stuff.

I write these books as "real" as possible, though.  The werewolves are just another force of nature, another form of human, if you will, in Led to the Slaughter.  They shouldn't be that hard to swallow.

I've contributed to this idea that I'm not serious by acquiescing and even contributing to Pig Jokes.  But really, is it so outrageous?

But then, the second book is more or less Steampunk Pigs.  And the third book is Zombie Pigs, so I may be pushing believability hard.  But I'm trying.

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