Monday, February 9, 2015

Nerds eat their young.

It's bad enough that mainstream critics more often than not don't like science-fiction or fantasy films that don't go down easy. 

"It's too complicated," they whine.  "I don't understand it."

I watch the same movie and have zero problems because the movie is sophisticated enough to use the shortcuts that every S.F. or Fantasy nerd understands.

But it's the nerds who really kill movies.  They are savage, scathing, scornful.  It isn't perfect, it isn't like the movie they would have made, the makers of the film dared to make changes to their nerd conceptions.

Then a year or two later, they'll pop up and say,  "Hey, this movie wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

Too late to do any good, you know.

Nerds can pre-judge things like you can't believe.

I'm going to say something here that no one will like or agree with, but I was there dammit.

NONE of you watched Firefly when it counted.  God knows, I tried to convince you.  I begged you.  I pleaded. 

"Not interested you said," one and all.  Your nerd memories tells you that you did watch Firefly during it's initial run.  Nope. You watched the reruns, after it was cancelled. In fact, most of you didn't watch it until Serenity came out.

It seems to happen over and over again.

And all I got to say is -- if you expect every S.F. film to be perfect, a classic -- if you savage the decent films, or worse of all, never go to see them -- don't expect them to keep making them.  They'll make the lowest common denominator films instead.

And it us Nerds fault.  

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