Monday, February 16, 2015

Algorithmic Gods.

Got all excited yesterday at work on Thursday because I kept bopping onto the Amazon best-seller list. (Stayed there most of the next two days.)

Got home and found I hadn't sold a book all day. It was all a hangover from a surge the night before.

Here's the thing -- the rankings are relative -- so I can be not selling books and yet rise in the rankings, or conversely, selling books and yet falling in the rankings.  For instance, right now I'm falling in overall rankings, but rising in genre rankings.

The real point.  What does it matter?  I can't seem to affect them either way.

In fact, it seems like every time I try to influence people, by promoting my book in any way, the opposite happens.  Other times, I'm paying no attention and suddenly the book starts selling.

There was a week late in January where I don't think I sold a single book.  My graph took a huge dive, stayed there for a week, and then started slowly climbing until it was past the previous high.

What?  When?  Where? Why?  How?  

Only the Algorithmic Gods know.

I really need to stop worshiping at their altar.

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