Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Writer Mode.

I feel like I'm back to real writing (or rewriting).  Less distractions -- less caring about what other people are doing or saying.  Basically, I feel writerly again.

It is kind of a messy process, but the point is to just keep doing it, to focus, and I think I'm doing that.  I believe this will be the version of Faerylander I will probably publish.  I've now tackled two messy chapters, and have several more to go.  That plus a new ending, and this draft will be done.

Then I'll quickly finish Nobody's Killing me.

Then on to Tuskers III.

Mostly, I'm trying to get things in the right order -- as well as rewriting as I go along.  The writing is somewhat stilted compared to what I do now, but that can be corrected by lightening up.  And especially by cutting. So much of what I wrote wasn't really necessary.

It's very freeing to know that I'm done with Tuskers II and that my changes worked to make it better.  (I have one small scene I think I still need to write.)

It's very freeing to see the improvements in Faerylander and to know I can probably get it done in a relatively short time. 

It's very satisfying to be building a body of work. 

If I keep my eyes on that goal, I feel motivated.

Plus, I really like telling these stories.  Figuring them out.  Meeting these people. 

When I'm in writer's mode I remember that.

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