Thursday, December 11, 2014

The twenty dollar drink.

I've been so active on social media the last few days, it doesn't feel like me.  The publication of one book and the announcement of another sent me into a frenzy of activity that is very unlike me.

So I'm going to back off for awhile and just get back to writing.  Re-institute the 7 to 11 rule about not being on the Internet.  Get centered again.

It's hard, because without effort my books won't sell.  Simple as that.  I can't just put a book up for sale and expect anything to happen. Just the idea of a book, even just the cover, isn't enough.

It's frustrating.  I know for instance that the .99 price of my early books wouldn't be a high hurdle for most people, and yet each sale is the world to me. 

I have to ask.  I have to find reasons for people to pay attention. I have to motivate them to give me a chance.

And for some reason, Internet activity is something I can do.  Familiarity at a distance, I call it.  And a lot of these people feel like friends, even if I've never met them.  Others I've met and didn't get close to in the real world and yet I'm constantly interacting with on the Internet.  Truth is, the social media is probably something that is actually good for me. The loner type who is generally friendly.

I used to get my social action at the store, but I'm not working enough for that to completely work.  But I can't write if I work, so there's that.

I dreamed all night of interactions.  Last dream I had was hanging out with some Hollywood types and they insist on going to the most divey of dive bars.  I hand the bartender a 20.00 and he hands me back .50 and nothing else.

Story of my life.

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