Sunday, December 28, 2014

The story tells me to Write.

So my subconscious has given its blessing to my new story.  "Nobody is Killing Me:  The Odyssey of Linger Longfellow."

Woke up with a bunch of ideas for scenes and chapters.  That's when I know a story is a go -- because the ideas keep coming.  I'd been stumped yesterday, but apparently my subconscious liked the story enough to work on it.

I'm going to write this like Tuskers, without regard to length.  Get to the end as fast as I can.

You see, getting to the end is the story.  There's a beginning and an end, and the story is just what is between the two extremes.

Another trick I'm using on myself is to tell myself that I'll just publish this myself.  Just put it out there, like Cyber Burglar.

Or more pertinently, like what I originally intended for Tuskers.  Maybe, like Tuskers, it will turn out so well that I'll try to sell it, but at least to start with, I'm removing all pressure by telling myself to write it the way I want to write it without regard to commercial-ality. 

If it comes out at 25K words, or 30K words, that will be all right.  (Tuskers started off that way, though eventually, it approached a more novel length of near 50K.)

My subconscious basically blessed me with about 4 chapters last night.  So that's in addition to the 2 chapters I've written, and that gets me well into the story.

So who am I to turn down a gift?

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