Monday, December 15, 2014

Ragnarok Party

Ragnarok Publications is having a public online party tonight at 5:00 PT, 8:00 ET.  I'm supposed to step in front at 6:30 and chat about my book and answer questions and give away a copy of Tuskers.

Didn't know this kind of thing existed...

Damn me if even an online party doesn't make me nervous!  I'm just such an introvert, it's disgusting.  I mean, most of the time I'm just fine with it.  But then something like this comes along and I realize I'm the same old guy.

I'm thinking of opting out, actually.

Originally I asked the publisher, Tim, if I could come and stand in the corner and the next thing I know I'm actually going to have to give a speech. Well, sorta...

Do they serve booze at this party?

It should be kind of fun, actually.  I'm a talker, so I shouldn't have too much difficulty. Once you get me going, it can be hard to get me to stop.  It's only a ten minute slot.  A bunch of very clever guys in Ragnarok, and I'm probably stodgy compared to them, but so be it.

So....where's the wine bar?

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