Monday, December 22, 2014

Doing it for the money?

Of course I am. 

But not really.

A little test:  If I was approached to write someone else's comic or book for industry average wages would I do it? 

No, I can't see myself doing it.  I can't see myself toiling on someone else's idea or franchise.

If I was approached as a ghostwriter and offered a lot of money, would I do it? 

Well, maybe for a lot of money, but probably not for anything less.

I guess it's an advantage to owning a business is that it is giving me a living income.  Even more so, that I feel like Linda and I will be able to retire, barring catastrophe, and not fall too far in living standards.

So do I write for the ego?

Of course I am.

But not really.

I think too much success would equal pressure.  My dream scenario is that I write happily away in obscurity right to the end, but become hugely successful in time to enjoy it... heh.  Not that is going to happen.  I've worked out the odds and they are so astronomical as to not be countenanced in any of my thoughts.

Weirdly enough, I feel a pressure to succeed on behalf of my publishers, for some reason.  I want them to do well for taking a chance on me.

At the same time, I love the idea of people reading my books -- and enjoying them.

The enjoying part is the most important part. 

Which just puts me back to where I started -- writing the best book I can.

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