Saturday, December 27, 2014

Bits of Writs

Was asked in a survey by Ragnarok Pub, which current book Tuskers was similar to.  And you know what?  It's pretty different.  It harkens back to books and movies like Jaws or The Swarm or Piranha. or something like that.  Not like most horror today, which usually involve zombies, vampires or some combination thereof, who are being fought by dark warriors or babes in leather or...well, they do seem pretty much the same thing.

So is that good or bad?

I think it's good.  The world needs a good creature feature.  I think super-intelligent pigs on the rampage fits the bill.


The thing about questionnaires like these is that they always look so sparse when I'm done filling them in.

Reminds me of when I thought I would apply for a Small Business Admin. Loan.  After I filled it out (pages and pages) I saw so much white space (especially on the 'assets' parts)  I figured I didn't have a chance in hell.

Never did apply.  Somehow survived without it.  Barely.


Got my two advances for The Dead Spend No Gold and Tuskers.

I purposely ask for small advances, figuring that if a book sells, then I'll make my money in royalties and if the book doesn't sell, well...that's just tough.  But I want to make it as easy for the publisher as I can.  For some reason, I feel responsible for them.

Still, I want to be able to prove to the IRS that I'm a real live writer and should be allowed to write off expenses.

Biggest trouble with royalties is that they take forever to arrive.  I still haven't heard from the third quarter, much less expect anything from the fourth quarter.  Haven't heard anything at all from Apple or B & N or Kobo.  Reports could be a very long time away.  (Amazon is better about it...)

But I knew that going in.


My Facebook is suddenly popping up with all kinds of S.F. and Fantasy authors who I could try to "Friend." Many of them have over a dozen common Friends.  But I still feel pretty shy about it.  I did ask one big author who I really admire, who wrote one of my favorite books, and he...well, he didn't.  So far, most of the other authors have said yes, but I'm still kind of careful.

I think I'll hold off until I've had a little more seasoning...prove myself a little more.

A lot of the success I hope for is just...well, to hold my head up.

Aren't writers supposed to have massive egos?


A more normal time and energy writing dynamic seems to be happening.  For a couple of years I bowled through every obstacle.  Summer or Christmas or anything else.

This Christmas I didn't even try.  I just took a step back and let the holiday take over.

I'd like to get started writing again on the first of the year, but Tuskers is coming out on January 12, and I know I'll be all excited about that.

So maybe a good time to start is January 15th or so.

Or...maybe I'll just start on the 1st and Tuskers will do what Tuskers will do.


Writing Tuskers was so much fun, I'm just hoping that comes across to the readers.

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Duncan McGeary said...

Following up. The author who I thought had not Friended me, did. Cool.