Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Columns not about my book, but really about my book.

So that was fun.  I joined a online Christmas party at Ragnarok Publications to talk about Tuskers.

They made the big announcement about the Angelic Knight imprint -- turns out it was an existing publisher they purchased for their Horror line.

Each author had ten minutes to introduce themselves and talk about their book.  I was the last author up, because I procrastinated the longest at answering the invitation.

It was kind of fun, actually.

So a couple of hundred people attended, and the questions came fast and furious.  The pop-up "Likes" every few seconds were a little distracting, and pretty soon I was just grabbing a question at random and answering it.  Totally out of control.

People really do seem to like the idea of a wild pig apocalypse.  Superintelligent pigs on the rampage.  I hope that means they want to buy the book.

I've been lined up to write a couple of columns for writer oriented blogs so far, so that's more outreach than I've done up to now.  Hopefully there will be more of that coming.  As anyone who reads this blog knows, I'm never short of words.

I may take slightly longer on these columns than I do on my everyday blog -- which I have always kept loosey goosey on purpose so that I can do it without pressure.

I need to find interesting ideas that won't be about my book -- but of course are really about my book.

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